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Final Femalley Cat Flier

Race this Halloween! Check out the Femalley Cat Blog.
Flier made by Broox Pulford.


Riding bikes, lots of fun. Racing bikes, lots and lots and lots of fun. I love it. And I want everyone else to as well. Is that so much to ask?

It’s been 8 months since Cycle Jerks took the dive and I’ve got the itch to throw another race. This time it’s just for the ladies. On Halloween, The Femalley Cat (thanks @ChrisBAwesome for the name!) will be a traditional alley cat all over Denver. It’s going to be during the Bicycle Film Festival’s Saturday block party, and that’s where all your friends are going to be anyway, so you might as well win some shit and put off drinking one more hour to kick some ass.

Lots of sponsors are lining up so check out The Femalley Cat blog, all the links are there so you can support them. Oh, and it’s for the charity US Women’s Cycling Development Program, give a little, eh?

Flier to come soon via Broox Pulford.

Imma Twitta Dat!

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