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I’m traveling to Chicago just for this art show.



I’ve written about him before, see more here.
via Wooster Collective

Struggle Inc is Cody Hudson. Hails from Chicago. That’s the only reason you need for his excellence.

New website design! I’ve had this one in the bookmark menu for years, Cody Hudson is truly one of my top five artists of all time.

His website is full of new work!!! Both drawings…

…And paintings.

But here are some throwbacks that are making me feel nostalgic…

On Milwaukee Ave, you know, across the street from Uprise and down the block from Irazu. Oh yeah, man, check out their Oatmeal shake, mad delicious. See the full image of what’s on the tv in this earlier post of mine.

This is the record shop where High Fidelity was filmed. Cody Hudson collaborated on this piece with Sayre Gomez and Mike Genovese back in 2005.
When I’m home for Christmas I’ll take a photo of what it looks like now. For years, murals rotated here, beautifying this vacant store front. I hope the gentrification in the past years hasn’t pushed out this canvas.

Group show at Open End Gallery back in ’05 as well with Chris Silva, Mike Genovese and Juan Angel Chavez.

Check Cody Hudson’s BLOG for updates.

From the CHI!

Her FIRST album “ULTRAVIOLET” drops TUESDAY! Can’t wait!

EDIT! Kid Sister and Flosstradamus were on Jimmy Fallon last night! WHAT!? Watch it here!!!

Vivian Meier’s photography of Chicago from 1950- 1970. This is so nostalgic for me. I miss home.

These are some of the street artists in Chicago that remind me of the installation in the last post

You Are Beautiful
You Are Beautiful

Or all of the collaborative street art installations going on at that time…

Chris Silva x You Are Beautiful

Chicago great Cody Hudson x Mike Genovese

Mike Genovese x Chris Silva

At The Bluebird…

Hollywood Holt!

Imma Twitta Dat!

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