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For those who missed out on all the fun, Thorin Klosowski is here to save the day! He wrote this wonderful event recap for DETHRIDE on Westword’s art + culture blog Show & Tell.

“The award ceremony, to which we were called up to the stage to collect our rewards, followed after three of the bands on the ticket played. Under normal conditions, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but as it turns out, I get a little clumsy when I’m on a stage in front of people, and I managed to drop and spread out all of our winnings. Maybe it was the fact that organizer Jen Nordhem kept calling us all nerds, or maybe I’d just had a couple too many drinks. It was classy either way. “

This is Thorin right before dropping all the “winnings” captured by Sarah Slater.

That was funny. But back to the serious stuff. We had a great turn out, 65 DETHRIDERS joined us at 3 Kings for a night of bikes, metal and art.

Congrats to the first place team, check out their sweet shirts! Art by Sam Turner, printed + donated by Indy Ink.

Thanks for coming, everyone! This may turn into an annual deal so stay tuned!


DETHRIDE: A Halloween Bicycle Scavenger Hunt
A MsHurricane & One26 Production

Sunday 10/31, 7PM
3 Kings Tavern
60 S. Broadway, Denver
$6, includes access to show after the hunt

Facebook Event
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If you’ve been checking out my Twitter you’ll know my life has been CRAZY lately! But things are slowing down and I want you to know, blog, that I haven’t forgotten about you.

So here you go, a quick and dirty update…

The Bicycle Film Festival was an inspiring weekend and a total blast!
Goldsprints, dancing, films, ping pong, bike races, food, drinks, art, yoga, music, so much to mention! Thanks to George Ferris Photography for these photos!

Goldsprints on Thursday Night
Bicycle Film Festival Denver 2010

Scooter won Goldsprints!
Bicycle Film Festival Denver 2010

Winners of The Femalley Cat and The Broseph Invitational
Bicycle Film Festival Denver 2010

Brendt of Denver B-Cycle and I at the Closing Party for BFF and Artcrank
Bicycle Film Festival Denver 2010

The Gutter Bunny Project, a bicycle/film installation at the Closing Party
Bicycle Film Festival Denver 2010

The DJ setup at that party was massive!
Bicycle Film Festival Denver 2010

I started working at Omerica Organic!
They are killing it with their new line of accessories!

Look at the line they did specifically for The Bicycle Film Festival!

The Queen Anne’s yoga and lunch event Revitalize Lunch Hour is coming to an end October 22nd.

The next event is Wednesday, September 22nd, reserve your spot by calling the Queen Anne: 303-296-6666

My new article has been published in Urban Velo Magazine.

Read it: Do It By Bike In Denver

Facebook Event
See you Wednesday at Cervantes’ Other Side, Denver!

FINALLY! Ever since Matt Roan dropped his first Bright Nites mix I’ve been itching for more. Download the second installment of his keep-you-movin’ mix for free.


Picture a wild Chicago house party; the floor’s about to buckle, everyone’s dripping sweat as the bass works it’s way through the crowd of punks, hip hop kids and hipsters. Enter Hollywood Holt, “My thing is – I’m very, very, big into punk rock, so when I perform, it’s like a punk-rock show, but it’s hip-hop music.” A triple threat rapper, DJ and break dancer, Holt is a true performer. He captivates his audience with rhymes about juking, peach lambic, and mopeds and will dj anything to keep the dance floor moving.

Hollywood Holt will be coming to Denver to DJ at Cervantes’ Other Side (formerly Quixote’s) at 2637 Welton on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. DJs Ginger Perry and Deftron will be getting the party started around 9pm. With visual explorations from Robert Fraser. Five at the door.

Chicago proud! If you like Kid Sister, The Cool Kids or Flosstradamus you don’t want to miss this!!!

You can hear Ginger Perry DJ Sunday brunch at Table 6 or at Bingo at Sputnik on Monday’s.
Deftron can be found at Tooey’s every Sunday night.

I just became a fan of Beach House, check their site for a free download of the new single “Norway”. Listen to more on their MySpace.


Random fact: I’m a quarter Norwegian.

Imma Twitta Dat!

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