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Hollywood Holt in Denver 4/21!

Posted on: April 7, 2010

Picture a wild Chicago house party; the floor’s about to buckle, everyone’s dripping sweat as the bass works it’s way through the crowd of punks, hip hop kids and hipsters. Enter Hollywood Holt, “My thing is – I’m very, very, big into punk rock, so when I perform, it’s like a punk-rock show, but it’s hip-hop music.” A triple threat rapper, DJ and break dancer, Holt is a true performer. He captivates his audience with rhymes about juking, peach lambic, and mopeds and will dj anything to keep the dance floor moving.

Hollywood Holt will be coming to Denver to DJ at Cervantes’ Other Side (formerly Quixote’s) at 2637 Welton on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. DJs Ginger Perry and Deftron will be getting the party started around 9pm. With visual explorations from Robert Fraser. Five at the door.

Chicago proud! If you like Kid Sister, The Cool Kids or Flosstradamus you don’t want to miss this!!!

You can hear Ginger Perry DJ Sunday brunch at Table 6 or at Bingo at Sputnik on Monday’s.
Deftron can be found at Tooey’s every Sunday night.

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