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Not So Funny.

Posted on: December 2, 2009

Some corporate douche decided to rip off another friend of mine (Adam, I hope it’s okay that I called you a friend, although we are just acquaintances, I think it adds a little more punch. Thanks in advance). Why I oughta!!! So Yahoo stole the title of Adam’s column What’s So Funny? for their internet tv show What’s So Funny? Do yourself a favor and don’t watch any of their shows, they’re awful. Some babe and a fat ass talk about tv. How fucking horrible is that?! Who gives a fuck?! If I want to watch tv I’d own a fucking tv, first of all. And second, why would I want to watch you two fucks talk about it? So I can feel like I have two friends in my apartment sharing a moment with me? That’s just wrong. Screw them.

Here’s Adam Cayton Holland’s video response to Yahoo! stealing the title of his A.V. Club Denver column, What’s So Funny?

Read Adam’s response to all this bullshit in this week’s What’s So Funny?


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