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Posted on: November 3, 2009

The Bicycle Film Festival has come and gone. What a fun filled weekend! I’d like to start this recap with a thank you. So many friends came out to help this weekend, at the theater, the alley cats, the gallery and parties to make the BFF a success. Thank you so much for your dedication and time! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. All the photos in this post are brought to you by Lenny Maiorani, thanks Lenny!

Let’s begin!

Thursday night kicked off the BFF with Joyride at Lisa Kowalski Gallery.

DJ Soup bringing the beats!

Sam Turner tracing his outline from the projector.

Scot Lefavor cuttin up his stencil

The scene

Eric, Roilen and myself playing Cee-lo!

The blizzard and Sam Turners van.

Roilen at 2762 Walnut

Live painters: Scot Lefavor, Sam Turner, Josh Wills, Aron Dubois, and Chris Huth

Chris Huth

Brendt Barbur, founder of the BFF, and Heather Berger, the other Hurricane.

On Friday the films began at Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli!

Saturday I hosted the Femalley Cat. So much fun! There were 25 racers in all and around 14 for the men in the drag later.

The scene

The start!

At the checkpoint!

Racing at the Femalley Drag!

Check out who won at The Femalley Cat blog!

Sunday Funday! Games at Civic Center Park! We played bike soccer, bike polo, PBR pickup and I rode my first tall bike!


Stacia making sure everything’s glamorous.

Bike Polo with Mallet Mafia, read their weekend recap!

Polo kids

Curt Wallach of Track Shack bringing the shovel

Dave “No Big Deal” Sands

I had a lot more prizes for polo. That bag was massive. Thanks to Incase and Hutchinson for coming through!

Bike Soccer!

Matt Weaver tagging out


The winning bike soccer team!!!

Such a great time!!! If you have photos of the weekend send me a shout! I’d love to see them. Email me at

Thanks to Brendt Barbur for bringing the BFF to Denver and Heather Berger and Jill Meisner for being wonderful house guests and helpers. I’ll miss you guys!

Ride Safe,
xo, Ms Hurricane


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