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Oh dear, the weekend.

Posted on: October 22, 2009

With a cold creeping up on me I’m a little frightened to think of what this weekend has in store for me. May I have a life double, please? Someone to take my place?

Saturday, October 24th. I’ve seen that date on too many fliers.

The day begins as the sun rises, waiting in line at VeloSwap. This is a don’t miss for sure, the largest consumer bicycle show EVA. Doors open at 9am, get there EARLY!

Then we have a yoga for cyclists workshop at Breathe right when you’re ready to get out of that headache of a convention center. The two hour yoga workshop kicks off at 1pm. Bring your bike and Eric of Speed Cat Cycles will make sure it fits just right.

Next stop! Art by Craft Market at The Other Side Arts. Craft vendors and demos, oh my! Wraps up at 8pm on Platte St. and 16th.

I’m sure there’s some show or party that’s going to pop up on that list soon. I have a feeling with this sniffle I’ll be done after this loaded day.

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