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Velo Cult’s Photography

Posted on: October 11, 2009

Camping trip with Velo Cult in the Sierra Nevada’s.

I love this photo of a spring in the middle of nowhere. I love Nevada, I’m guessing this is on the Nevada side by the landscape, correct me if I’m wrong.

Nevada was one of my favorite states on the bike tour I took this summer (warning: that website is super weak).

Your day would begin at 5am before the sun rose. It would be 40 degrees, but at least the hot and fast paced winds were at bay until the afternoon. There was nothing on the side of the road after you left the town you stayed in that night. No gas stations, no greasy fast food or diners, no houses. Just you and your tour mates and the occasional car or motorcycle. Closest civilization: 80, 90, 100 miles away or more. Over five days were like this in a row. It’s amazing to think that there is that much unused land in a place where humans suck everything dry. Most of it is useless, except for in its beauty of never ending mountain ranges, reptiles, and brush.


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