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Posted on: September 23, 2009

So I teach spin classes, you know, those classes where a bunch of people sit on bikes in a room and get yelled at. Now before you call me crazy, these are not your average Jock Jams spin classes. I play what I like to listen to. On Monday’s, it’s metal or hardcore, on Thursdays, it’s rock and roll, punk or ska, all the other days it’s a wild card, indie rock, hip hop, house, funk, electronic, oldies… whatever I’m feeling.
And I don’t teach at your average gym. I teach at Breathe, a studio exclusive to yoga and spin, just outside of downtown in Curtis Park (27th and Arapahoe). Hardwood floors, art on the walls, tall ceilings and large windows make it feel homey and non-intimidating.

We just came out with our new schedule just in time for fall. Come play inside when the weather’s cold outside!

If you’re interested in spin please reserve a bike by calling 303-297-3005 or by emailing We keep the classes small, at only 6 students for a more personalized class. For beginners, the 5:45pm class on Monday and Thursday is a great place to start.

No need for reservations for yoga.


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