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Posted on: September 20, 2009


This weekend is the 2009 Cycle Messenger World Championship in Tokyo. A few of my friends from Chicago are currently there, and reporting back already! I can’t wait to see how Christina Peck does, she is currently the fastest messenger in North America. Pretty Badass.

Wait, did I read that right?! Chicago is putting in the bid for the 2011 CMWC?! FUCK YES GUYS! Chicago knows how to throw a party, last years NACCC was a blast! This is going to be an event not to miss.

Aside from The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew there are only a couple people posting live from Tokyo and that’s Kyle at Tracko and John at Prolly Is Not Probably.

I was looking through Prolly’s Flickr and found this photo:

Kevin Sparrow of, my favorite, COG Magazine wearing a Cycle Jerks t-shirt. I’m sure you know this already, but I was a co-founder of Cycle Jerks and wrote the blog up until December of ’08. No big deal.


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