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Monolith attendants, listen up.

Posted on: September 13, 2009

A guide to having fun at Monolith.
Photos by @lifted

-Tailgate: Bring five times as much as you think you’ll need. There will be shot gunning. There will be people to share them with. Spend approximately 30 minutes- and hour here. No more, you didn’t come all the way to Red Rocks to hang out in the parking lot.

Note the gloves for warm hands and cold beer.

-Be prepared: If it looks like it’s gonna rain, bring a jacket, asshole. And tell your girlfriend to get out of those shorts and sandals! Wanna to spend twenty percent of your time coddling your boo out of hypothermia? Then let her walk out that door, I dare you.

See: Fanny pack for snacks, fliers, pen and paper for drunken note taking.

-Bring cash: It’s seven dollars for a beer, that’s right. See tip number one.

-Be VIP: Whatever you do, don’t pay $300 for a ticket to do so. That shit’s just weak. Pretend you write for some euro underground magazine and talk to some bands about Munich and how wild their scene is.

Now go and be awesome.


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