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Posted on: July 20, 2009

Writing a road journal on this blog about my bicycle tour across America just isn’t my style. But it is for a few of my wonderful team mates…

Dominic Casserly (his pro site) films and photographs beautifully and is logging our adventures on his blog, Photothon.
Here’s an episode of Bike Talk where I was a co-host…

Mikey Wally wishes he was internet famous. Please humor him and visit his blog. It’s called Mikey Wally.
Here’s a film from our 42 Below event in Detroit. Mikey is on the right with Chris Carraway on the left.

Chris is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because he does my laundry, but I think it’s just cuz he’s one hell of a pal. His blog is Edge Vacation. You can also see him featured in the film above.
That’s us in the middle in the rain. Photo by Dom.

When we go to my hometown, Denver, there will be a killer event. Come join us on a ride into the city and then party with us a Beta later. We will be giving away a free 42 Below bike (made by IRO) to the winner of goldsprints (see video above)!

You betta be thur.


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