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42 Below Vodka exclusive track bike…

Posted on: June 14, 2009

42 Below Vodka


5 Responses to "42 Below Vodka exclusive track bike…"

What do you think about this bike?

I don’t know anything about it. There are no stats that I know of, like a big one: Who manufactured it. And that hinders my ability to make an educated decision.

It looks pretty.

42 below and i don’t give a damn, i’m off to the rodeo…. it reminds of the Rodeo Song. I like the bike. i’m gonna borrow the pix for my site. p.s. where did you find the pictures?

The form and frame are model Mark V Pro made by IRO ( Friend bought the bike from a girl whose boyfriend built it for her, she did not like it so he bought it for 85USD (the fork and seat post were both installed backwards…). He wanted the wheels so I traded him a pair of old Shimano 500 pedals for the frame. It is a nice little frame, going to try to build it up and flip it…maybe…

Found one of these (brand new, never ridden, tires were never inflated & seatpost wasn’t tightened)@ a garage sale for “a smokin’ deal”.I have 2 Cannondales, a Killer V 500 upgraded to 27 speed w/ hydraulic discs & a Super V1000 FR. Wasn’t sure about the single speed, but figured the Cane Creek headset & Kenda Kwests alone were worth the $. After tightening everything & adjusting the brakes took it for a ride, & have to say “I don’t hate it”, no gears, no juice brakes,no shocks & all.

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