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Posted on: May 11, 2009

Penelope Cruz and Woody Allen: The Odd Couple in Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz

I just recently saw Vicki Christina Barcelona and surprisingly it was my first Woody Allen movie. Now, I’m not much of a movie buff by any means, but still, like I had not seen one until now. Crazy. So the movie was great. I advise you see it. But when I saw this picture and the others in the set on FFFFOUND it immediately brought me back to my youth, looking at my mom’s Vanity Fair. The fold out cover of movie stars and artists and big shots and such. I miss just simply staring at a magazine and dreaming, studying the lighting and the composition. I used tear them out and plaster my walls with these photographs from my mothers Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines. It was never the people though or the things that they advertised, as much as it was the emotion of the photographs and the lines that created it. It was from these magazines that I realized I loved photography. I would lie in bed and just stare at them, for what seamed like hours, and it never felt like wasted time. I miss those magazines. So I guess this is sort of my belated mothers day post. So there it was.

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